The origin of The Admirals, thanks to Craig Bradenbaugh (written in 2005):


Tom Berry and I started the Admirals in 1958. We were walking down Seminary Avenue in Lutherville discussing it and decided to start a band called the Admirals. We had Jay [Stermer] on Piano, Leo Smith on Guitar, Tom on Bass, me on guitar, (learned the sax and sang because we needed it), George Stover on Drums (later replaced by Ed Blaitis whom we met at a gig at the Legion hall on Reisterstown Road), Bob Chilcoat on sax (later left), and George Bell singer (who was later replaced by Wilber McClamb). We later added Ron Gumpf and another guy named Ron on trumpets and Bernie Robier (who had played for Sy Zentner) on Trombone.

So there we were in our original hay-day: electric piano, guitar, bass, four horns and a singer. When I was still there (left in ’63) we were doing gigs at the Rhapsody, Hollywood Park (behind “Peaches,” a guy named Sammy who appeared on Ed Sullivan Show, did the Limbo and sang), country clubs, and Beaver Springs on Sunday afternoons (where I met my wife, now of 41 years). What a great history. I sold my sax a long time ago, have three guitars and still play for the neighbors, grandkids and anyone else who will listen. When with the Admirals, I sang most of the Elvis songs, some Louie Prima, Coasters, etc.; still do some of these. Tom & I used to do a Louie Prima/Keely Smith song where he wore the wig as Keely, great stuff.


The Admirals, circa 1964-65.
1st Row: Bill Kalkman-Guitar, Wilber McClain-Vocals, Jay Stermer-Mighty Wurlitzer, Ed Bladis, aka Ed Tichowski (SP?)-Drums, Ron Creamer-Trumpet, Butch Williamson-Trumpet; 2nd Row: Bernie Robier-Trombone, Tom Berry-Bass, Chuck Klapka-Sax

The Admirals, 1967.
First Row: Bill Kalkman-Guitar, Tom Berry-Bass, Eddie Tajkowski (sp?)-Drums, Ron Spessard-Trombone, Paul Cridler-Trumpet; 2nd Row: Jay Stermer-Keyboard, Johnny Staggs-Vocal, Joe Brieker-Sax (Nice studio pic... you can tell what band was making the big $cake$.)

The Admirals, 1984.
L-R: TOP ROW - John Gliem, drums; Tom Thompson, bass/tenor; Jay Stermer, keyboards; MIDDLE ROW - Joe "Buzz" Conway, trumpet/flute; Bernie Robier, trombone; Mike (Jones) Hodgeman, vocals; BOTTOM ROW - Harry Johnson, guitar; Barbara Riehl, vocals/sax/flute; Tony Neenan, trumpet/vocals.

The Admirals, 1985.
L-R: ___

A great promotional video for The Admirals, recorded circa 1996:
Bernie Robier-trombone; Buzz Conway-trumpet, flute, vocal; Tony Neenan-trumpet, vocal; Tom Thompson-bass guitar, sax, vocal; Steve Rosch-guitar, vocal; Ray Lombardo-drums; Terri Petersen-vocal.


"Sawmill" (early recording)
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